About Us

Custom Signs Australia is a leader in providing high-quality signage solutions for every job. We’re a 100% Australian owned and operated business with all our products manufactured within Australia to the highest standard.

By purchasing our product, you help protect and grow the Australian economy.

Point of Difference: Price and Quality. We are designers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers offering you the best prices for the latest signage. We give you our absolute assurance on quality by taking full control of the entire production process.
Because we’re an outlet selling high-quality signage direct from our factory, there are no high retail markups. You can get signage for any job, from family get-togethers and special events to commercial uses.
Unlike our competitors, we wish to grow our business through volume and we’re realistic about what our customers want to pay. We make sure our prices are low and will always beat our competitor on price and quality. Feel free to compare us to any brand!

Signage Made on Demand

We deliver your signage nationally via courier or through Australia Post.
We manufacture a wide range of signage using the highest quality raw materials. Your custom orders are made on demand and all production is carefully controlled and checked to ensure we maintain the high-quality standards.
We can turn your designs into signs, or work with you to develop images that work. All our signage comes ready to display, making setting up your event or business easier than ever.

Signs in Every Shape and Size

We offer our products in a range of sizes and shapes, so we can create signage solutions for any requirement. We can make banners up to 3 metres by 10 metres in a single sheet, and acrylic and foam PVC in 1.2 metre by 2.4 metre panels, but we can also offer wallpaper, stickers, safety signage and much more!
If you need a one-off, we can help, and if you wish to order bulk products, we're happy to be your one-stop signage supplier! Please contact our orders team to create a business account with us.

High-Quality Signage

Quality Materials 
The banner material we use is made from strong, synthetic fibers that are guaranteed to never deteriorate. It will never sag in humid weather conditions and does not require any re-stretching. Our acrylic glass is strong and resilient, and our foam PVC is lightweight and sturdy. If you have any questions about materials, or are interested in ordering signage in a material we don't list on our website, please contact us.
Quality Inks 
We use high-quality inks that are UV-resistant. Their archival properties mean that they can last up to 120 years before they start to fade; essentially, a lifetime of use. For our rigid signage - foam PVC and acrylic - we print with water-based environmentally-safe inks.
Printing Quality
Each print is printed on the latest, state-of-the-art wide format commercial printers. These produce vivid and sharp image quality as well as accurate colour representation. This process is heat supported, fixating the colours deep into the canvas fibres. The result is a matte with a clear image that’s rich in colour. We carefully screen each product for quality before it leaves our factory.
To ensure the continuing quality of your signage, we will provide you with care guidelines.
At Custom Signs Australia, we ensure you’ll always get easy, personalised signage solutions – from business signage, event signage and so much more! As our business grows, so does our range.
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